Monday, October 30, 2006

Lion's Head shoreline, Bruce Peninsula

The weather has been very dreary this fall... tons of rain and perpetually overcast skies. I've jumped on the few clear breaks to get out and shoot landscapes. These were taken on a dramatic morning a couple weeks ago.... about 20 minutes north of my house.


  1. Very nice. So crisp and clear. I guess you'll be a hermit for a while going through all the images from you recent trip out west. Hope to see more of those.


    p.s. I saw the "movie" you helped make on a recent trip to the tub. Just amazing video. Great stuff Ethan.

  2. Thanks Greg!
    Though I should be editing photos from out west, I'm taking off to Ecuador next week instead for a quick bird photography trip!

    If you have a chance, try to you get up to the shoreline north of Lion's Head for a sunrise shoot.... very good opportunity there with a creek outflow into Georgian Bay. There aren't many places where that occurs.