Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Pelee birds

I've been having an outstanding week shooting migrants in the Pelee area. I just got back from 3 magical days on Pelee Island, where I was treated to cooperative warblers and was amazed at how few birders or photographers were there (the solitude was fantastic!). Now I'm back at Point Pelee National Park, and have been spending long days stalking migrant songbirds, with pretty good success.
I have a ton of photos to show, but I need to sleep - after trekking approx 10km per day with my 600mm lens /bird gear, I'm beat!


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    They're nice shots Meleg.
    Immersing yourself in your work or is this your play?

  2. It was a mix of both - I shot some assignment work, some stock and had a pile of fun chasing birds. A very productive trip!

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