Monday, September 17, 2007

Landscape photo tour

Just caught up on sleep after hosting my Bruce Peninsula landscape workshop/tour this past weekend. Thanks to Clara, Pat, Mara, Steve, Michael, Wendy, Sylvia, Brian and Craig for good company and great photos! We had some outstanding shooting conditions and everyone left with fantastic photos.

Sylvia Fletcher caught this photo of me getting smashed by a huge wave. I was trying to shoot waves crashing into the shoreline and got a bit overzealous. I turned at the last second, saving the camera from almost certain destruction by sheltering it close to my body - fun!
[the wave almost knocked me off my feet]

Dreamy conditions at Halfway Log Dump.
EOS 1DSm2; 70-200/2.8; Singh-Ray warming polarizer LB and ND grads.

Sunset over sand ripples at Singing Sands.
EOS 1DSm2; 17-40/4; Singh-Ray Gold'n'Blue polarizer and ND grad.

Happy shooting!

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