Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad luck today.

I'm in Argentina right now and had a life "first" today...... robbed at gunpoint. No kidding. We were scared shitless and thought we might be killed. Obviously we're ok, hence the blog posting. But I've just made a significant contribution to the Argentine economy - a good chunk of my camera system. I'll be scrambling for gear to make it through the rest of the trip.

It was a pretty scary robbery - we were driving slowly, just pulling onto an Expressway in Beunos Aries, when two guys with pistols ran out of the ditch and stopped our car. They tried smashing the driver window and made us open up and give our up our stuff. We were actually quite lucky not to lose all of our stuff, and most importantly our lives!

After this, it can only be a great trip! More to follow later.....


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Note to self: resist the temptation to travel with Ethan.

    Hey Ethan, your luck has just GOT to get better from now on! Glad to hear you are safe and sound.

    Hope they didn't snag your new 500/4 IS lens!

    Must be tough now that you're sleeping with all your remaining equipment under your pillow!

    Take care!

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I was able to buy a Digital Rebel XT today - so I´m back in business for the rest of the trip.

    Buying the body is a story all in itself - for a slide show in the future. Let´s just say that I could have been deported!

    Still have the 500 Steve.
    More later.

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  4. Anonymous4:55 PM

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! Its the Rona girls...Carlos gave us your website before he left. Were glad your OK. Keep us updated K. Tell your Dad we miss him and to make it home in one peice.
    Christine and Kristie

  5. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Man, sorry to hear yet another of your Latin American travails. You have the worst luck of anyone I know when they are south of the Rio Grande.

    Glad to hear you're OK. Is Tom there with you?

    Talk to you when you get back.


  6. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Meleg you better make sure that equipment is not visible. I would be freaked.

  7. Hey Ethan - That's unbelievable!! Glad to hear you & your dad are ok!! Yikes!! Sharl

  8. Glad to hear you're doing okay... I hope the rest of your trip is better. Stay safe!

  9. Hey man,

    Glad you got out of there with your lives! What did they get?

    Be safe and consider hiring a bodyguard or stunt double for your next trip :)

    Chris Dodds

  10. Hey everyone, just stumbled on an internet cafe in the small town of Humahuaca in the northwest so I thought I´d do a quick update.

    The northwest of Argentina is spectacular - both for scenery and diversity. Hands down this is one of the coolest places on earth.

    I´m taking lots of pics with my rebel. It´s bright and sunny, and we can´t easily get to these places at sunrise or sunset... so I´m already planning a hard-core photo trip back. This place is dreamy for shooting landscapes and birds.

    It´s very safe up here in the northwest - a breath of fresh air after the big cities and the robbery at the start!

    Wish I could post some photos now, but just can´t pull it off until I have a better connection.

    Hasta luega!

  11. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Ethan, I am glad to hear that you are OK, a tip might be to leave your red cap and red shirt in your bag until you are ready to "put yourself in a shot", it does stand out.
    Travel safely and enjoy the remainder of the trip.

  12. Anonymous7:24 PM


    This is unbelievable, I'm glad your safe, no gear is worth your health and well being. Suggestion: Nikon for your travel gear? you would be safe, they may even give you a camera body cause they would feel sorry for you and they can't sell it!! :) :)

    You won't be travelling south of Chatsworth for a while...


  13. Glad to hear you are OK Ethan! Hope you maybe had some insurance?

  14. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Thanks Mark and everyone else! I'm back in Canada now, and will be making the dreaded call to the insurance company tomorrow. I have good insurance. This is my second claim from stolen gear, so I bet this is the last time they insure me!

    Chris, FYI I lost a 1DSm2 body, 17-40, flash plus some accessories.

    Peter, I'm going to have to go Nikon next. The thieves would indeed feel sorry for me! LOL


  15. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Hey Ethan. Glad you're back safe. Maybe you should try a different continent? Glad you didn't loose you big lenses. Let me know what your insurance company says...