Saturday, December 29, 2007

Life is good!

Today ranks among my all-time best days of bird photography. It started with another airboat charter ( to shoot Snail Kites. We also got great shots of Bald Eagle and Belted Kingfisher.
For the afternoon, I shot at the Viera Wetlands and immediately after arrival lucked into a Bald Eagle in great evening light. I ended the day shooting artistic silhouettes of Glossy Ibis flying against a red sky.
What a day!

Snail Kite carrying Apple Snail (Lake Kissimmee):

Bald Eagle in flight (Lake Kisssimmee):

Belted Kingfisher at Lake Kissimmee (my first decent shot after trying for 15 years!):

Bald Eagle in evening light (Viera Wetlands):

Glossy Ibis in flight after sunset (Viera Wetlands):


  1. Gosh I am so jealous! You are getting some really incredible shots. You must really be thrilled!

  2. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Those are some awesome shots
    You are truly blessed to get those.
    Karen Nicol
    Life In Him Photo Creations

  3. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Yeah, as Hannibal says don't you love it when a plan comes together? We all have our moments don't we? That's why we keep forking over thousands of dollars for all this high depreciation equipment. I'm sure if I look around I'll find many of the shots in print someday.

  4. Besides the owls, I think this Florida trip has been your best work that I've seen.

  5. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Thanks for the kind words!
    Wish I was still down there shooting!

  6. I know little about the technology of photography but I do know true artistic beauty when I see it. This made my morning. I could spend hours just drinking it all in.

    Thank you.

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  8. The angle of that eagle. Lovely.