Sunday, January 27, 2008

winter shots with 1DSm3

Just got back from a couple long days of shooting..... I'm exhausted and can barely keep my eyes open, but I had to post a couple of my favorite photos from this morning.
Both are along the Georgian Bay shoreline near Lion's Head (on the Bruce Peninsula).
I'll post a bunch more photos once caught up on my sleep!

1DSmIII; 17-40; Singh-Ray Gold'n'blue polarizer & 2 stop soft-edge ND grad:

1DSmIII; 70-200/2.8; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer:


  1. Stunning images. The colors in the first one are so deep they just pop against all that white snow. However, it's the visual image of that ice in the second one that makes me want to walk right inside and see all the rest.

    Beautiful work all around!

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