Monday, June 02, 2008

Carden Challenge - we won!

This past weekend I competed in the 'Carden Challenge', a 24hr birding marathon (objective to identify as many bird species as possible in a defined area during the 24 hr period). The event raised approx $15,500 which will go directly to conservation efforts to protect the Carden plains area.

Our team consisted of myself, Mark Weircinski (absent from photo) and Greg Stroud. The weather during the challenge was crappy - it rained a ton and then became windy. But thanks to an unbelievable amount of junk food, we maintained an aggressive pace and won the event by identifying 119 species - edging out the next team by only 2 species.

I'm still catching up on my sleep and my blood sugar levels (from all the junk food) are returning to normal.

Thanks to all the people who generously sponsored me for the event - it was a great success!


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  1. A+ T-Shirts... and I can't even fathom the knowledge you folks possess. Congrats