Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Algonquin Park - fall photo workshop results

I've finally caught up on sleep after hosting my photo workshop in Algonquin Park this past weekend. The colors were the best I've ever seen and we hit the peak bang-on. The group was enthusiastic and everybody ended up with some great photos! I managed to sneak in time for a few photos in between working with the participants. Here are some of the results.

Photo 1: Here is our group at the Algonquin Lakeside Inn. Thanks to owner Gary Schultz for accommodating us so well. This is the best place to stay as a base for photographing the park. Photo by Gary with my Canon G9.

Photo 2: Canoeists paddle through morning mist on Lake of Two Rivers.
EOS 1Ds Mark III; 70-200/2.8 + 1.4x TC; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer

Photo 3: Forest canopy of fall colors.
EOS 1Ds Mark III; 17-40mm; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer

Photo 4: Maple leaf and fall colors on the Oxtongue River.
EOS 1Ds Mark III; 17-40mm; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer & 2 stop soft edge ND grad.

Photo 5: Fall colors along the Oxtongue River.
EOS 1Ds Mark III; 24-700mm/2.8; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer


  1. Algonquin is one of my favorite places to canoe and fish. Enjopyed this post. You have a great eye for capturing the area.

  2. Some great photos from Algonquin Park. You should let the people who attended the photo work shop know about Algonquin Outfitters, Photo contest. Our sumemer one just ended and the winter one will start next month.


  3. Randy, Algonquin Outfitters is a great store - I've bought lots of stuff there.
    There was a typo in your link. Should be: www.algonquinoutfitters.com/contest

    I checked out the contest rules and found the dreaded lines:

    By clicking the UPLOAD button above, you hereby grant Algonquin Outfitters the right to publish, display, post and otherwise use the photo for their websites and other media. You agree that the photo may be cropped, edited, electronically manipulated or otherwise altered, and that whether or how the photograph is used is entirely for Algonquin Outfitters to decide."

    Most contests have that same kind of statement. Any photographer with aspirations of selling their work professionally - even in the future - should stear clear of a contest that gives full rights to the contest holder. This prevents you from offering exclusivity (or some level thereof) to a client because you cannot control what other uses of the photo are out there. For example, if Algonquin Outfitters uses the photo in a magazine ad you'd have little chance of selling it to that magazine.
    To put it simply, entering a contest that takes all rights for the photo is a bad business decision.

  4. Hi Ethan,
    As always, your pictures are outstanding! As a workshop participant, viewing these photos is just the best, cause I was there. It was a really great weekend and I hope to get the chance to do another.
    Cheers! Janice

  5. Anonymous12:00 AM

    I was looking forward to some of your pics from the workshop. Great images as always Ethan. I certainly enjoyed the previous weekend and got lucky with the colours as well. Wish I could've made the workshop. Nice to see the Oxtongue again.


    Rob L.

  6. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Thanks to your mom, I found out about your blog.
    Wow, I guess we dont need to tell you how extremely talented you are...Have a wonderful journey. We will enjoy looking at all your amazing photos.

    Leanna and Tyler