Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beware: Nature Photographer loose in the City!

As a freelance photographer, I am often consumed with the business.... either out in the field photographing or spending long hours at my computer managing images and communicating with clients. It's rare that I don't have photography on my mind.

A mental break every now and then helps me to stay energized, so I've taken a couple days off this week to chill out in Toronto. Last night I saw Regina Spektor in concert at the Sound Academy (beautiful view of the Toronto skyline from there). Tonight I'm going to the U2 concert and have great tickets for the show. I listen to music non-stop when I'm on the road, and U2 is my favourite band, so I'm very excited to see them live tonight!

Photo 1: That's me last night at the Regina Spektor concert. The sunset over the Toronto skyline was amazing. Thanks to my friend Vera for getting the photo of me.

Photo 2: My friend and I sat outside the public library in Portal, Arizona this winter at 6am to use the internet connection to buy U2 concert tickets for the Toronto show tonight.


  1. Hope you had a great time. Be a good party in T Dot tonight.

  2. I'm sure it was a great show.
    I saw them in '85 at in Ottawa, it was unforgettable. ;)


  3. Carolyn12:19 AM

    Lucky duck! Hope the concert was great!

  4. Hope you had an amazing time!!!

  5. I saw U2 Monday night and they were awesome. Hope you had a good time, and happy shooting!

  6. Did you (or your friend Vera) drag the shutter to get the city scape ?

  7. QZ, this one was very simple.... shot it with a point & shoot camera on automatic mode and simply covered 2/3 of the flash with a finger to tone it down a bit!