Monday, March 22, 2010

Inspiration... In memory of my sister Karla

Of all the things that have inspired me in life... to pursue photography, to travel, to never leave anything unsaid, to eat oreos instead of salad..... it was the loss of my sister Karla when I was 20 years old that had the greatest impact. She was three years older than I and would have turned 40 this past Saturday. There's nothing like losing someone close to you to give you a kick in the ass to live life fully!

My cousin Tonya writes a family blog and just told the story about Karla in the post linked below. It's a very personal read, but it gives you a sense of who she was and the impact she had on others.

Coincidentally, I'd received my first SLR camera (a hand-me-down) about the same time that Karla was killed. I became hooked on photography and in hindsight realize that it provided the positive outlet to get through those tough times. Even today, many years later, the memory of Karla still inspires me everytime I take a photo.


  1. Ken Hopkins11:33 PM

    Very touching Ethan. A real reason to stay true to your goals

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    I'm speechless, but thank you for sharing. Just today I was reminding myself that life isn't always fair, but I was going to do the best I could with today. I appreciate understanding what drives you to do such great work and enjoy the adventure of your life, thanks for that too.

  3. thank you very much

  4. Ethan, thank you for sharing this. All the best.

  5. She sounds like a beautiful woman inside and out. May her story inspire others as well as those who knew her.

  6. Anonymous5:54 PM

    To both Tonya and Ethan, thanks for keeping the memory of Karla alive ... and letting all know what a special person she was to those who knew her.

    Karla's mom

  7. damn im least you following your passion.

  8. Ethan,

    Thanks for sharing the memories of your sister. Your cousin's blog honored her beautifully and your photos added much to the story.

    Take care. Hope to cross paths again as we travel and photograph (I met you in 2008 at Bosque with Artie).

  9. Anonymous9:18 PM

    In grief we find our strength. beautiful tribute.

  10. Carolyn6:22 PM

    So sorry for your loss, Ethan. It sounds like she's with you in spirit. Good thoughts being sent your way.

  11. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I have just finished reading your cousin's blog of your sister's short life and lovely spirit. She has inspired you to live your life to the fullest. In turn you have inspired me to pursue a one year leave of absence from my workplace to travel and photograph. Coincidently I grew up in Essex county too, and my name is Karla