Saturday, May 01, 2010

Presentation in Cornwall, Ontario - Wednesday night

I'll be doing a presentation in Cornwall, Ontario next Wednesday night (May 5). I don't make it to eastern Ontario often, so if you're in the area be sure to come on out and say hi!
Here's the info:

"Confessions of a Crazed Photographer" [a humorous and inspiring show about what it takes to be a nature photographer].
St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
17th Annual International Conference

7:30pm presentation in Aultsville Theatre
Details at:

Or phone for tickets: (613) 936-6620


  1. Wish I could be there, I love photography, but do gravitate to nature mainly..

  2. Carol9:11 PM

    Love the picture of you with a chickadee on your tongue, whoever took that picture must be a great photographer! :-)

  3. Carol, that chickadee shot is always a hit! Taken by a fairly decent photographer!

  4. If only it'd been a few days sooner... If you're ever in Cape Breton, let me know.

  5. Ethan found your site and enjoyed looking at your work. I will be unable to attend your presentation however if you ever venture into the Northwest look me up. In the meantime maybe we could exchange links if you are so inclined.

  6. Chris tulloch5:10 PM

    Hi Ethan,
    I (and my daughter) enjoyed your presentation in Cornwall last night. It was great to see so many photographs of the Bruce Peninsula area (we sold our farm in the Chatsworth area last year; moved up there 21 years ago after camping at the national park outside of Tobermory many summers with our friends). I thought I recognized the rock beach at Halfway Log Dump, possibly Isaac Lake?, the hiking trails at Singing Sands.....maybe not, but I recalled them when viewing your photos. I don't know much about photography or birding but I love looking at great photographs and anything to do with birds or nature. We enjoyed many sightings on our farm (that had a heronry in the bush connected to a beaver pond with a nice brook that fed into the Sauble river)of blue heron, the odd sandhill crane, an elusive owl that talked a lot, flickers, etc. There is a spot I would like to recommend to you for a birding trip, it's at the foot of Mont Ste Anne, about 40 minutes up the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City, just outside of Ste. Anne de Beaupre. The site is called Cap Tourment and has miles of trails around the river, into the bush and alongside a meadow at the foot of the mountain with several well-placed feeding stations and great opportunities for photography (as I learned last night). Anyway, sorry for the wordiness, just enjoyed the "show" and thought you were pretty entertaining.
    Chris Tulloch

  7. Thanks for the kind words! Chris, yes indeed there were photos from Halfway Log Dump, Singing Sands and Isaac Lake... those are some of my favourite spots up here! I'll look up Cap Tourment the next time I'm in Quebec. Thanks for coming out to the presentation!

  8. Chris tulloch10:17 PM

    Chris Tulloch

    Hi again Ethan; here is the link to the Cap Tourmente (left out the "e", obviously not French), the great birding/naturalist site in Quebec. It's free in the winter - we were there first week of February. Hope you make it out there; beautiful drive from Quebec City and lots of photo opportunities. I took pictures of a lot of 300 to 400 year old houses and buildings along the Rue Royale (Ste Anne du Beaupre). Lots of landscape sites on Ile des Orleans and in the Laurentians, through Charlevoix region all the way up to Saguenay....I want to go back - oh, check out Baie Ste Paul, great cheese and chocolate but no Oreo cookies that I could tell...

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