Sunday, January 09, 2011

Winter scene in Harrison Park, Owen Sound

Harrison Park, Owen Sound - Snowy Day
EOS 5D mark II, EF 24-70mm; Singh-Ray LB polarizer; ISO 50; 1 second @ f/22; converted to black-and-white in photoshop.

It's been snowing often during the past week and while I don't care for all of the shoveling, I do love the photo opportunities!

There's a beatiful city park near my place called Harrison Park. After a fresh snowfall the other day, I took a stroll through the park and found this snow-covered tree along the creek. I shot several images filling the frame just with the tree, then composed this one with the rock counterbalancing the tree... it turned out to be my favorite from the day.


  1. Ethan - I love the latest post. We had 4 inches of snow here in north Texas today ( a biggie for us) and your image captures the winter feel perfectly. I feel chilled just looking at it! Thanks for sharing. FYI...I've added you to my blog roll over at my blog (Blue Lion Blog)

  2. Thanks John! I got a soaker for that photo... had to walk in the creek to get the angle and learned that my well-used hiking boots are no longer waterproof. It was a cold walk back to my car!
    Enjoy the snow in TX !

  3. I lived in Owen Sound for several years and Harrison Park was a favourite location to photograph (along with Inglis Falls of course). Nice B&W conversion Ethan.

  4. Great shot Ethan.
    Harrison Park is a great photo site all year round.

  5. Thanks Mike and Shell.
    I did the b&w conversion in photoshop cs5 with one of their standard presets under the Adjustments tab.

  6. Eski fifi10:22 PM

    Beautiful shot Ethan...I like the b&w.

    Did you slow the shutter speed down for this shot?

  7. Anonymous10:23 PM

    I love this spot, brings back great memories of when I lived in Owen Sound.

  8. Thanks for the comments! Eski, I did slow the shutter speed down to a 1s exposure (using a polarizer and small aperture) to get the motion blur on the water.

  9. Love the black and white! Very cool shot. Enjoying the whole blog in general.
    Check out for Deirdre Outram's blog on her experiences shooting african wildlife photography.

  10. Savannah1:17 PM

    I've always understood the polarizer as a colour enhancer. What does it do for black & white? How would this shot look different it was done without a polarizer?

  11. Thanks for the comments!
    Savannah, the key use of a polarizer is to reduce glare (ie. on the water surfac), thereby improving color saturation. When you use a polarizer it also reduces light transmission. That was a benefit for this photo - I needed a slower shutter speed to blur the movement of water.