Thursday, January 08, 2009

Grand Canyon

Photo: Pima Point, Grand Canyon
EOS 1Ds3; 17-40mm lens; Singh-Ray LB colorcombo filter and 3 stop hard edge ND grad

Just made a short overnight visit to Grand Canyon National Park which allowed one sunset and sunrise shoot. I was elated to find a trio of yucca growing on the edge of the canyon last night and make a photo that I had been dreaming of for years!

My buddy and I are now in the epicenter of American culture.... Las Vegas. We're heading out for a walk on the strip with point & shoot cameras - should be fun! Tomorrow we drive to Death Valley in California. Can't wait!


  1. Fantastic photo. All your photos are just perfect. You should have a fantastic time at Death Valley tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be super :) Have fun:)

  2. Eth, can't wait to see some Vegas shots! Jas

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM're killing me. I was seriously going to post my Grand Canyon shots (FINALLY) this weekend, but now that I am suffering from a moderate case of photo-envy, I digress. Great shot!

  4. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Hey Ethan, This is amazing with the Yuccas and the snow, like a painting. Hope you're having fun in Vegas!!! Shar

  5. The snow really adds a unique element here Ethan. Nice.

  6. Ethan
    I was browsin around and I found your blogs. Your pictures are wonderful and reading about your adventures on the road is pretty interesting. I am very interested in photography and from just few weeks ago I started writing some blogs about "my own adventures"... (they are written in spanish) I hope you continue showing us the wonders of this beautiful land full of life and great scenarios.


  7. just recently stumbled upon you from singh rays website and saw your blog. awesome images! i hope one day i can shoot like this on a constant basis.
    i'll be checking back here often!