Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random photo tip: label your camera gear

I've lost plenty of camera accessories over the years, surely amounting to hundreds of dollars worth of lens caps, hoods, cable releases, etc. Sometimes I accidentally leave them on location, especially when I'm out in the dark. Other times the gear simply gets mixed up when I'm shooting with friends (interestingly, I never seem to end up with their stuff in my bag!!).

I finally smartened up a while ago and bought a label maker from an office supply store for about $40. I spit out dozens of labels with my website address and stuck them on every piece of gear I own.  It's a cheap insurance policy that pays for itself quickly!


  1. So that's why a lot of my equipment has your name on it!

  2. Craig9:31 PM

    I take the stuff you don't label.

  3. Dave, I forgot to metion a related tip: carry spare labels with you, slap them on your friends gear and clame it as your own!

  4. Craig, I must admit to wanting to leave the country with the 800/5.6 and never come back!

  5. That's a good tip Ethan. I have one of those label makers, but hadn't thought of this use. I wouldn't expect a misplaced lens to find its way home, but the good samaratans out there surely would return the accessories.

  6. Reminds me of climbing with my friends back in the day. No tape label? It's free booty!