Monday, September 24, 2012

Results of Bruce Peninsula Landscape Photo Workshop 2012

Just finished a great photo workshop focused on the awe-inspiring landscapes of the northern Bruce Peninsula. The participants were enthusiastic and fun! Thanks to Rick, David, Glen, Kyle, Nancy, Lee Anne, Edith and Ross for enduring intermittent rain showers to be rewarded by dramatic fall skies! Thanks to Colin Field for helping out with instruction and Laura for logistics! Here are a few shots from the weekend...

2012 Bruce Peninsula landscape photo workshop gang. 

Halfway Rock, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario.

Photo workshop at Halfway Log Dump, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario.

Conchoidal fractures in the dolostone bedrock at Little Cove, Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario.


  1. Wow so beautiful.

  2. What a great time! Thanks Ethan!

  3. Maybe next year I can be there with you for that workshop! Any chance of a return to Kenya before I leave in July? I have a wonderful new friend who runs a camp right inside the Mara. Best photo safaris I have ever been on!

  4. Thanks guys! Mike, I have the month of January free (thinking of South America, but could be persuaded to Kenya... but don't think that works for your schedule??).

    Would love to spend a couple weeks just at the Mara!

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