Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tips for capturing great photos of Ontario’s fall foliage!

Autumn Maple, Missisagi Provincial Park, Ontario
Few things get my photo mojo kicked into high gear more than the fall season here in Ontario, when the leaves turn from green to crimson, orange and gold. The peak of fall colours varies each year and by location, but in general you can count on the last week of September and first week of October as the best for photography. Checking the Ontario Parks Fall Report ( helps me decide where and when I’ll head off to the woods with my camera. I have my usual haunts – Algonquin Park, the Parry Sound area, and wrapping northwest around Georgian Bay and up towards the north shore of Lake Superior. During autumn, I’m a photo nomad in search of the best colours!

Lake of Two Rivers, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario
If you’re as inspired as I am to photograph fall colours, here are a few tips that will help you create the most jaw-dropping, eye-popping photos possible!
  1. Shoot at sunrise or sunset when the light is golden, or on drizzly, overcast days to capture rich colour saturation.
  2. Use a polarizer to cut glare off leaves and wet surfaces. This will make the colours pop out of the scene!
  3. Use a tripod to make razor sharp photos, or so you can slow down the shutter speed to create artistic effects such as blurred water or moving leaves.  
  4. Try lots of different perspectives! Get close to leaves with your wide-angle lens, shoot up from the ground towards the canopy or get farther back and use a telephoto lens.

Have a great autumn season and I hope to bump into you in the woods somewhere!
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Oxtongue River Rapids, near Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario


  1. Very nice pictures. The autumn colors haven't reached Virginia yet but I'm planning a few outings for fall color. Thanks for the tips. I really like the second one with the canoe.

  2. These are Beautiful! I love the Maple! nature photography

  3. Thanks Bryan and Meg!

  4. WoW! Absolutely amazing photos.=D

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  7. Wow! The foliage!
    These are strong shots!
    The third shot is my preferred. The silk effect of the water is fantastic!


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