Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Birds - Central Texas

Just a quick post before I crash out... I'm fried after a scorching day here in central Texas!

I've been photographing from a blind for the past couple days, trying to improve my coverage of a few species as well as adding some new ones to my collection. It's been extremely dry here this winter, so the birds are easily attracted to water fountains/drips.

This has been a good opportunity to put the 50D body through the paces, using it with the 500/4IS and a 1.4x teleconvertor. I've shot thousands of photos, but the keeper ratio for this kind of shooting is painfully low. Here are a few I managed to process so far....

Wild Turkey head

Northern Cardinal

Lincoln's Sparrow


  1. Love the Wild Turkey head shot!

    Please send some of that hot Texas weather this way, thanks.

  2. Susan3:59 PM

    More Awesome Shots...I love all your bird shots!

  3. So what do you think of the the 50D?

  4. Bert, I need some more time with it. I've been spoiled by the incredible file quality of my 1DsIII, and the 50D just isn't quite there. But there are other benefits of the 50D (speed, AF). Will share my comments soon after really putting it through the paces.