Saturday, May 02, 2009

Back in Ontario & more Texas photos

Photo 1: That's me yesterday.

I've been back in Ontario for the past week, mostly hanging out with family & friends as well as catching up on some work. After 6 months of photographing every day, this is a great break - I've barely picked up my camera all week.

The top photo is me at my best-friends place yesterday in Penetanguishene. We stood around the BBQ for a long time and I ended up having to put on a parka to stay warm in the evening. My body has definitely acclimitized to the hotter temps of the southern US! I suppose the liberal amounts of wine we drank may also have contributed by thinning my blood!

Below are a few photos I've caught up on procesing from my last week in Texas. This season is birds, birds, birds.... so I'm well practiced for the arriving migrants here in Ontario.

Photo 2: "Bubbaville" eastern Texas
I carry a Canon G9 point & shoot with me pretty much everywhere I go, to quickly capture priceless scenes like this one.

Photo 3: Northern Parula warbler, eastern Texas
I was able to 'better' my shots of this species from a few days earlier (previous blog posting).

Photo 4: Gray-cheeked Thrush, High Island, TX
This forest-floor skulker is a species I've wanted to shoot this species for a long time!

Photo 5: Black-and-white Warbler, Port Aransas, Texas
This is a much better photo than anything I've ever managed to catch in the past. They hardly ever sit still!
All bird photos with the 1DsIII, 500/4IS & 1.4x TC


  1. Welcome back, more nice bird shots. I'm heading to Peru, should I bring a backup body?


  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Welcome home Ethan!

  3. Craig, 2 backup bodies!!!
    Call me if you want some Peru location tips.

  4. Welcome back! More awesome shots!

  5. Welcome home.
    Thanks for the great shots on your travels.
    Enjoy yourself.

    Shell MacLEAN