Monday, May 25, 2009

Upcoming Presentations & blog stats

I have three upcoming public presentations over the next few weeks. The first takes place this Thursday night (May 28) in Brampton Ontario.... and it's the premier presentation about my ongoing travel/photo adventure, with tons of never-before seen photos and the stories behind them. If you're interested, check out this link on my website for more information:

If you make it to one of the presentations, be sure to say hi!

In other news, I'm pleased (actually amazed) to have had over 11,000 different visitors to this blog in the past 6 months. I never dreamed that so many people would visit! I promise lots more posts & new photos to come as my journey continues. Thanks for following!


  1. After a month in South Carolina I continue to never miss a post on your blog.
    Great work-Great pix-Great stories!!!!
    ALL of the above!
    Thanks Ethan
    Shell (pb4s)

  2. Hi Ethan. I had hoped to be there on Thursday night and to say Hi. Unfortunately, have a family member in hospital VERY ill so this is taking priority over everything at the moment!

  3. I enjoy reading your blog too!
    Congrats on the Birdathon.

  4. Steve Patterson4:53 PM

    Just because we don't leave comments doesn't mean we don't enjoy following your blog postings and sharing one of Canada's most interesting person's trials and tribulations!

  5. Susan6:32 PM

    I'm living vicariously through you! I enjoy your posts and love your photos!

  6. HI Ethan,

    Thanks for sharing your passion and adventures last Thursday. I sure had a blast. But had to leave right after the presentation so was unable to say Hi.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration.


  7. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Your work was shared by dear Friends from Tobermory, they were kind enough to suggest this site knowing my love for the "outdoor" as well as the "Lens".

    The Hummers were of particular interest to me, very, very good shots!

    Northern Michigan

  8. Informative blog.Thanks ...........