Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birdathon Fundraiser - please sponsor (see bonus!!)

Next Thursday (May 21) I'll be doing an annual Baillie Birdathon fundraising day with my birding buddies Mark Weircinski and John Haselmayer. The day goes like this: we start at around 2am, spend approx 20 straight hours searching for every possible bird species we can find on the Bruce Peninsula, then nearly collapse from exhaustion. Why do we do this, you ask?
1) To raise money for conservation - specifically Bird Studies Canada.
2) We are serious bird geeks.
3) To attempt to break our previous record of 174 species.

How can you help? Please sponsor me for the birdathon with a pledge to Bird Studies Canada. You'll be helping to support research and conservation of birds. Making a pledge is very easy - you can do it all online with a credit card by CLICKING HERE for the birdathon website.

BONUS!!!!! Anyone who pledges $100 or more, can tag along with me on a photo shoot at a mutually convenient time. That's a cheap way of getting some personalized instruction in photography!

After the birdathon, I'll share details of the day here on the blog... including highlights, statistics and funny stories (there are always some!).

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  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Oops - I missed this one Ethan - I could have used an opportunity to pick your brain before Africa. I hope you had a great time and broke your record!!