Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cliffs & Caves: Bruce Peninsula Photo Workshop

Photo: Halfway Log Dump in Bruce Peninsula National Park
[image taken during previous workshop]

Photo Workshop Announcement
Cliffs and Caves: The Bruce Peninsula Landscape
September 12-13, 2009

Join Ethan on the Bruce Peninsula for some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada. Learn pro tips and techniques for making dramatic landscape photos.

Click here for more information or to register.

Book now to ensure a spot, this workshop is expected to fill quickly!


  1. Carolyn5:12 PM

    This looks like it'll be amazing. And sooooo.... tempting. Will be putting serious thought into it, though timing is be tricky for me.

    Folks, this is a great opportunity. The area is amazing and Ethan knows it well. That alone is a reason to tag along with him. Then there's that camera stuff he's pretty good at as well. ;)

    I took a workshop with him before and he's got a great personality and knowledge base for leading them.

  2. hello, this post remember me when i was a child, i do not know why....

  3. Wow! Its looking great.... really beautiful photography. Thanks for the share.... keep posting such an awesome blog post.