Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Georgian Bay

It's been a very productive week on assignment shooting outdoor tourism photos in the Georgian Bay area. The weather has been great and the models were excellent to work with. Thanks Karen, Lauren, Scott P, Jenn, Scott C, Melissa, Vera, Freeman and Pat for your tireless patience! Check out the initial previews below.

I'm en route to Manitoulin Island for a few days of shooting up there. My van is finally in the shop getting the body work done on the back end, so I'm cruising in a stylish new rental car. In a couple of weeks I'll have the van back in top shape ready for the next leg of my trip!

If you're interested in a trip to the Georgian Bay area, here's a link to a website with lots of great info:

Photo 1: Kayakers paddle by Flowerpot Island. EOS 1DsIII; 70-200/2.8 lens; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer

Photo 2: That's me floating in Georgian Bay to shoot water level photos of the kayakers. A semi-dry suit kept me warm in the frigid waters and the lifejacket is for buoyancy to keep the camera above water. I shot handheld the 5DII, 17-40mm lens and a Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer.

Photo 3: Hikers stand on a Georgian Bay overlook in Bruce Peninsula National Park. EOS 1DsIII; 24-70/2.8 lens; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer & 2-stop soft edge ND grad

Photo 4: Me on the overlook. Here's why I always carry a point & shoot camera... to get images of me in the field.

Photo 5: Mountain bikers stop for a break on the trail. EOS 5DII; 17-40mm lens; 580EX II flash for fill; Singh-Ray LB warming polarizer


  1. Hi Ethan,
    Looks like the 5DII is getting a good workout! I was looking forward to seeing more pics from this camera, thanks. Great shots - and opportunity. I'm sure Georgian Bay is a little cool right now - especially with the cooler summer. I'm sure you were glad to get out of the water and get warmed up again (maybe with a nice bottle of red?!?!).

    Rob L.

  2. Hey Craig, the Drobo arrived yesterday and I'm ordering a set of drives for it right now. Looks like a great storage system. Thanks for the tip about the deal!

  3. Shawn Giilck3:34 PM

    Hey Dude, nice photos
    you're making me jealous slaving away here in the dungeon!

  4. Georgian Bay is a complete Paradise because look at those beautiful place, I'd be so happy getting a trip like that with my family, and practicing different activities kayaking and diving.m10m

  5. hello, this post remember me when i was a child, i do not know why....

  6. man . . . mark II in the water . . you are a brave man!

  7. man . . . mark II in the water . . you are a brave man!