Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Alan Murphy's e- book "The Photographer's Guide to Attracting Birds"

Here's a plug for Alan Murphy's new e-book "The Photographer's Guide to Attracting Birds". Alan is one of the top bird photographers on the continent, best known for his images of birds in stunning settings (beautiful perches, in flowers, etc). If you read birding or nature magazines, you've seen his photos grace many covers.    

I've been photographing birds for about 20 years, often with setups involving attractants (food, calls), and yet I still learned so much from this book. Alan goes into great detail about how to attract different families of birds, including species that I didn't think could be easily coaxed in. This book is an instant classic, in my opinion the very best resource about bird photography since Arthur Morris' 1998 landmark book "The Art of Bird Photography" which helped to popularize the activity.  

Alan's e-book is available for $50 from his website at this link. Some people might think that's a lot of cash for an e-book, but it's worth every penny and more. If you want to capture incredible bird photos, this book is one of the best investments you'll ever make to learn the techniques to attract birds in front of your lens! 

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