Wednesday, August 30, 2006

on the road... Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba

Greetings from Siesta Internet Cafe in Wasagaming, Manitoba.

I'm on a photo trip through the Canadian Prairies and Rockies right now, currently shooting in Riding Mountain National Park (Manitoba) before heading to the grasslands of southern Saskatchewan.

Riding Mountain has some pretty good wildlife photo opportunities - for moose, beaver, elk and especially bison. The bison herd is in a massive enclosed prairie area that you can drive through - it's a pretty easy shoot if you can put up with the long dusty road to get there.

Riding Mountain is known for its diversity with three ecozones present in the park. Although the scenery is subtle, one of my favorite photos from here so far was taken a couple nights ago when driving back to camp. With the crescent moon low in the sky, I was able to frame it with the silhouettes of dead trees against the sunset afterglow.

EOS 1Ds m2
Bison: with EF 600/4 lens
Trees/Moon: with 70-200/2.8 lens and Singh-Ray Gold & Blue Polarizer

More to come when internet is available!