Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More Ecuador photos

Have a few minutes before catching the plane, so thought I'd post a few more pics!

Masked Trogon (above)

Green-crowned Woodnymph (below)

Long-tailed Sylph (above)

Giant Antpitta (below)
very hard to photograph deep forest bird

Monday, November 20, 2006

Two weeks in Ecuador - bird photography

I'm on my way back from an intense and incredible two weeks of shooting in Ecuador with my stepfather Tom Hince and friend Robert McCaw. We spent most of our time in cloud forest habitat photographing hummingbirds (I shot about 33 species). There was little time we weren't photographing hummers, but I managed to nab a few other subjects. Lots more photos to come, will update my website when I get home and recover!

Photo info:
All images with Canon 1DSm2.

Dogs in the village of Tandayapa. 70-200mm lens handheld. Background converted to black & white in photoshop.

Sword-billed Hummingbird in flight at Guango Lodge.
70-200/2.8 lens plus 1.4x TC. Two flashes.

Yanococha Reserve - misty morning in cloud forest.
17-40 lens with Singh-Ray 3-stop hard edge ND filter.

New owl species yet undescribed in scientific literature (only known from a couple of locations in South America).
San Isidro, Ecuador
600mm lens + 1.4x TC; full flash at night (focusing by flashlight)