Monday, February 22, 2010

WIN A SPOT - Best of the Bruce Landscape Photography Workshop

I'm leading the "Best of the Bruce" landscape photography workshop this fall on the Bruce Peninsula, based out of the incredible E'Terra luxury ecolodge and featuring gourmet meals. Details about the workshop are coming soon, but in a nutshell the 3-day workshop will be Sept 17-20, 2010 (this fall) and the price will be approx $2500. This is the ultimate landscape photo workshop with custom charted boat excursions to photograph sunrise and sunset at amazing landscapes only reachable by boat!  

Here's the best part.... you can enter to win a spot on the workshop plus a fantastic prize package (total value is $6164 CD). The contest is open to members of the Canadian Geographic Photo Club. If you're not a member, it's easy and free to join. Click here for contest details: Best of the Bruce - Contest.

And while you're on the CG Photo Club site, be sure to check out the interview with me in their Close-ups section.  

If you're at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto this weekend (Feb 26-28) drop by one of my "Best of the Bruce" presentations (see previous blog post for details) to get a taste of the photo opps we'll have on the workshop. You can also get details about the workshop in the "E'Terra" booth.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Upcoming Presentations including Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show

I'll be presenting a number of photo shows over the next few months at various locations in Ontario. A full listing, regularly updated, is posted on my website here:

Or here's a sample of what is upcoming. If you make it out to one of the show, be sure to say hello!

February 27 (Saturday) - Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show
"Photographing the Best of the Bruce Peninsula"
sponsored by Canadian Geographic & Ontario Tourism
3:45pm in The Great Ontario Outdoor Adventure Theatre

February 28 (Sunday) - Toronto Outdoor Adventure Show
"Photographing the Best of the Bruce Peninsula"
sponsored by Canadian Geographic & Ontario Tourism
12:00pm in The Great Ontario Outdoor Adventure Theatre

March 2 (Tuesday) - Barrie, Ontario
"Freedom 35 - A Photographer's Adventure"
Barrie Users Group
7:30pm at Eastview High School
For details, visit:

March 4 (Thursday) - Midland, Ontario
"Freedom 35 - A Photographer's Adventure"
Midland District Camera Club
7:00pm at Len Self Blvd., Midland Ontario (North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre)
For details, visit:

May 5 (Wednesday) - Cornwall, Ontario
TBD but likely "The Passion of Nature Photography"
St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences
17th Annual International Conference
7:00pm at Aultsville Theatre
Details to be posted here:

June 1 (Tuesday) - Southampton, Ontario
"The Best of the Bruce Peninsula"
Chantry Institute Lecture Series
7:00pm at Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre
details to be posted.

June 8 (Tuesday) - Hamilton, Ontario
Bell *Arte Camera - Customer Appreciation Day
details TBD

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Win 7 Days on Georgian Bay - The Great Ontario Outdoor Adventure of a Lifetime

Click here to enter a contest to win a 7 day trip on Georgian Bay for you and three guests! The prize value is about $20,000 and includes cameras, binoculars, return airfare from anywhere in Canada or the Continental US... and more (see the link for details)!

I shot some of the photography for the campaign and will be guiding parts of the adventure on the Bruce Peninsula. The trip would be great for photographers..... visiting some of the most scenic spots in eastern Canada.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Panama photos: Tanager, Bat Falcon, Soberania National Park sunrise

I'm still alive and back safely in Ontario after a fantastic trip to Panama! Sorry for the gap in posts, I was en route to home and then buried with photo business upon arrival.

I have so many photos from Panama to share.... here are a few more. Will post more as I catch up on processing of the raw files. Check back soon!

Photo 1: Bat Falcon, Soberania National Park, Gamboa, Panama
Canon EOS 1Ds mark III; 500mm f/4 lens & 2x teleconvertor
A pair of Bat Falcons were roosting in the town of Gamboa and obliged for this photo at sunrise, shortly before taking off to hunt.

Photo 2: Lemon-rumped Tanager at Canopy Lodge, Panama
EOS 1Ds mark III; 500mm f/4 lens & 1.4x teleconvertor
The fruit feeders at Canopy Lodge are one of the best places I've ever photographed birds... it was a constant stream of tanagers and other colorful birds!

Photo 3: Sunrise over Soberania National Park from the Canopy Tower, Gamboa, Panama
EOS 5D mark II; 70-200mm f/2.8 lens; Singh-Ray LB ColorCombo polarizer & 2 stop hard edge ND grad

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Panama - part 3 (Pacas, Aracaris, Euphonias, Motmots... life is good!)

Having a great time down here... with some outstanding photo opps! First three photos are from the Soberania National Park area in Gamboa. The mammal is a Paca - a rarely photographed jungle animal. It was coming into the grounds of the research station where I was staying at night to feed. I laid down on the ground to get this eye level portrait and had someone shine a flashlight on it so there was enough light to focus.

Fruit Loops is my favorite cereal, so I was determined to get photos of toucan-family birds on this trip. This Chestnut-collared Aracari (below) was an unexpected bonus - it landed on the perch above the fruit feeder!
There's a National Geogrpahic assignment photographer shooting nocturnal mammals in the forest canopy - so he's rigged a tall scaffolding setup with a platform on top. I climbed up there in early morning to photograph canopy birds, but couldn't resist the beautiful sunrise over the forest.
I'm now staying at the beautiful Canopy Lodge ( in El Valle de Anton, and having incredible success with birds coming into the banana feeders. This is one of the best feeder spots I've ever seen and I'm definitely going to bring a bird photography workshop here in the future. Here are a couple from my first afternoon at the lodge yesterday. I'm tweaking the setup this morning and today's results will be even better!

There are abot a dozen male Thick-billed Euphonias (below) coming to the feeder! 
A Rufous Motmot (below) hangs around the lodge and periodically comes into the feeders. It was so close I couldn't fit the whole bird into the frame, so I opted for a head portrait.

All of these photos have been taken with an EOS 1Ds III; 500/4 IS lens [the Paca was shot with a 70-200/2.8 lens], usually with a 1.4x or 2x teleconvertor. A 580EX II flash has been used for fill light on all of the birds.

Gotta run..... many more birds to photograph!