Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fall colors in my yard

There are some pockets of fall colors still hanging on around my place, especially the staghorn sumacs which are in peak condition. I shot these in my yard this evening to test out my new Singh-Ray Colorcombo filter (a combination of the LB Warming Polarizer and LB Color Intensifier). This is a dream filter for vividly saturated fall colors.

EOS Rebel XTi; 70-200/2.8; mirror-lock up and self-timer; 4s at f/9

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Argentina photos

Here's a couple from this morning - shot in the Quebrada de Cafayate..... a striking canyon in the Andes. The scenery in the northwest of Argentina is some of the finest in the world - a dream for landscape photography. I'm amazed this place isn't on the radar of North American travelers. More photos soon!

Shot with EOS Rebel XTi; 18-55mm lens and 70-200/2.8; Singh Ray ND grads.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad luck today.

I'm in Argentina right now and had a life "first" today...... robbed at gunpoint. No kidding. We were scared shitless and thought we might be killed. Obviously we're ok, hence the blog posting. But I've just made a significant contribution to the Argentine economy - a good chunk of my camera system. I'll be scrambling for gear to make it through the rest of the trip.

It was a pretty scary robbery - we were driving slowly, just pulling onto an Expressway in Beunos Aries, when two guys with pistols ran out of the ditch and stopped our car. They tried smashing the driver window and made us open up and give our up our stuff. We were actually quite lucky not to lose all of our stuff, and most importantly our lives!

After this, it can only be a great trip! More to follow later.....