Sunday, June 24, 2007

eastern Georgian Bay

Just got back from a shoot on the east side of Georgian Bay, in the outer islands area of Georgian Bay Islands National Park. The islands were beautifully scuplted granite outcrops, litearlly covered with orange lichens (Xanthoria elegans). Some of the islands had shallow pools with tadpolls (see 4th photo down) and a few lily pads (last photo).

All these were taken with an EOS 1DSm2, 17-40mm lens and Singh-Ray warming circular polarizer LB.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Blue Iris

I was trudging around in my hip waders last night in a small lake near my house. It's hard to manage all the gear when you're knee deep in water and sinking in mud. I was holding a reflector and pressing my cable release with one hand, and holding the ND grad in front of the lens with the other. My goal was an image of Blue Iris in a larger habitat/landscape context.

EOS 1DSm2; 17-40mm lens; Singh-Ray 4x6" 3 stop hard edge ND grad.
5 second exposure at f16; ISO 200

Monday, June 11, 2007

results of Bruce Peninsula Wildflower Workshop

I'm finally catching up on sleep after a great weekend for my Bruce Peninsula wildflower workshop. The weather was idyllic and the flowers spectacular (or is it pestacular Julie?) especially the Yellow Lady's Slippers and Indian Paintbrush, which are the best I've seen in years. The participants were fantastic - both enthusiastic photographers and just plain fun. We laughed almost as much as we shot. Thanks Julie, Glenn, Tracy, Dennis, Brian, Renee, Kiang, Phil and Vicky for making the weekend a success. Extra special thanks to my co-leader Ian Brooks (, better known as "Mr. Nikon".

I managed to get in a few shots when I could.... all taken with an EOS 1DSm2

Photo Info (from top to bottom):

1. Yellow Lady's Slippers; 17-40/4L lens and Singh-Ray thin warming circular polarizer LB

2. Striped Coralroot orchid; 70-200/2.8L with 25mm ext tube and full flash (off camera) with Gary Fong diffuser (the thing that looks like a salad bowl)

3. Maidenhair Spleenwort fern in rock crevice; 17-40/4L with Singh-Ray thin warming circular polarizer LB light diffused, and supplementary light bounced in with reflector

4. Catamaran sailing into Indian Head Cove, Bruce Peninsula National Park; 17-40/4L and Singh-Ray thin warming circular polarizer LB

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The spring rush....

Sorry I haven't had time to post! This time of year is truly crazy for me, with so many things to photograph - breeding birds, wildflowers and landscapes with fresh green foliage.... a great dilemna!

This is one of the best years I've seen for Indian Paintbrush. There are amazing patches of them along the sides of the highway up here on the Bruce Peninsula. I find them to be one of the most photogenic flower species.

Hope you're having a great spring!