Saturday, January 31, 2009

A taste of winter

I've spent the past two weeks in Ontario - a brief trip for which I had grand plans of winter photography. But the weather was damn cold when I arrived (-20C) and snowy.... and I was lazy. So I spent far more time socializing and having fun than taking photos. I'm now packing for my return flight to the southwest and thought I should post a few of the photos that I did manage to get during the past couple of weeks.

Photo 1: It snowed a foot one night while I was staying with friends in Penetanguishene. Here's my friend Andrew clearing the driveway with his new snowblower.

Photo 2: I found this porcupine feeding in young trees near Dyers Bay on the Bruce Peninsula. Although just above head height, the white sky background made it a tough situation to photograph. This closeup of the head and face was one of the more successful shots I manged to make. EOS 1DsmIII; 500/4IS

Photo 3: I did some work with the tourism department at Bruce County photographing a crew from the Snowtrax (snowmobiling) television show..... it was a ton of fun!

Photo 4: For much of the snowmobile shoot, I photographed from the back of one of the sleds. Here's an image of us going through a tunnel, with a slow shutter speed to create motion blur. This is from the camera, with no special digital effects.

I'm looking forward to warm southwest weather again!


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Great winter shots.
    This is my favorite spot in Arizona!


  2. Great shots as always Ethan!

  3. Okay tell me, how the heck do you find these little critters? So cute.

  4. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Good thing you had that 500/4IS with you or you may have ended up covered in quills! My mum and I ride in the forest near the farm and named one of the areas "Porcupine Trail" because they hang out there...NOT good with horses and a curious puppy around.
    Those snowmobiling shots are AWESOME!

  5. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I can never find a porcupine not 10 feet up in a tree and hidden by branches. I really dig the animal for some reason

    Great shots of the snowmobiling.

    I missed January in Owen Sound being away, and I'm pretty glad I did.