Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snow, Rain and Great Light

Here's a photo of heavy snowfall in Joshua Tree. I'm not a big cold weather/snow fan (it's why I've escaped from Canada for the winter), but even I was taken by the beauty of snow in the desert.

After leaving Joshua Tree en route to the San Bernardino Mountains, I got a call notifying me that someone had been attempting to fraudulantly use my credit card. What a pain to deal with! After many calls and wracking my brain to figure out where I would be so that a new card could be couriered (not an easy thing when you're travelling like a photo nomad) I finally got it all worked out. At this point I was a bit cranky, but kept focussing on the goal of seeing my life Lewis' Woodpecker. So you can imagine my mood when I arrived at the park where the woodpecker had been seen, only to find the park closed indefinitely due to heavy snowfall. I found a nearby campsite to chill out for the night.

The campground was pretty darn nice and there wasn't another person there - I had it entirely to myself. There were electical hookups to run a heater (it was going well below freezing) and showers. You can't imagine how much of a luxury a hot shower is when you're living on the road. Things were looking up.

And here's the view from my campsite.... not bad, eh!

I quickly forgot all of the hassles of the day at dusk, when the passing storm front resulted in this incredible light. The sky was purple!

EOS 1DsIII; 24-70; Singh-Ray LB Colorcombo filter & 3 stop soft edge ND grad

EOS 1DsIII; 24-70; Singh-Ray LB Colorcombo filter & 3 stop soft edge ND grad

As for my attempt to find the Lewis' Woodpecker...... did I end up seeing it? I'll save that story for the next post. Check back soon.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    What amazing colours... nature at its best!! Your photos are amazing.

  2. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Just found your blog, Ethan, which gave me the chance to go see your website too. My "day job" means I don't have the luxury of traveling around in a van and photographing places. OTOH, I don't have to be traveling around in a van photographing places. Seriously, what a thrill to be in these places and clearly, from these shots, you are making the best of it. Hope to continue to see your work as you travel!

  3. Anonymous8:19 PM

    I took off to Europe for 6 weeks to avoid snow, then Dublin airport strands us because of a snowstorm. Just can't avoid the stuff.

    I dig the snow in the desert though.

  4. Anonymous6:28 AM

    great and amazing colors of nature...

    nice one

    digital photography

  5. Gorgeous shots. I especially like the last one. Purple sky...amazing! Why can't our storms look like that?

  6. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Absolutely beautiful unique photographs!

  7. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Yeah fake purple pola endorsement sky. Pure fantasy baloney for ADs and suckers. Real men don't use filters there Ethan.

    I've had my card scammed and know it's in the local neighborhood. No real secret that the banks don't let on to the police but just go to parliament to justify 10X BOC lending rates here. You and me are just a cost of doing business.

    Coming back to the Henry's show to sell Cannots? Should have used a step ladder for the last one and opened up the perspective there, Ansel. My posse's waiting, fake-filter stack Boy. LOL - Chill there E., I have to shovel snow tomorrow, not sand.

  8. Sorry Nikon, but you are wrong, that was indeed the real sky color. If anything I undersaturated these in post and it was actually more rich than shown here.

    By the way, "real men" don't anonymously bash others in their postings. You sound like an angry guy.

  9. hello, this post remember me when i was a child, i do not know why....