Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Icicles along Georgian Bay shoreline

A quick post with a couple photos of the awesome icicles hanging off the Niagara Escarpment cliffs at Indian Head Cove in Bruce Peninsula National Park. It was worth the trek out there to check on the ice conditions. Will be watching the skies - ready for good light for the next excursion. Yes that's me in the first photo. Next time I'll be wearing a red jacket, of course! 

Both photos EOS 5D mark II; 17-40/4 lens (handheld) and Singh-Ray LB waring polarizer. Photo of me taken by D Carey.


  1. I'm glad I ran across your work, Ethan! Very impressive. Are you aware of Escarpment Views magazine? We cover the areas close to the Niagara Escarpment all the way from Niagara to Tobermory & onto Manitoulin. We are always looking for great landscape photos to feature in our centre spread. Perhaps we could work together some time. Check out our website & get back to me privately to discuss this more, if you're interested.

  2. I can barely make you out in that image without the red jacket. :-)
    I so wish I had some falls closeby to me for some winter shoots.

  3. Mark, the zipper on my favorite red jacket is broken. It's killing me to be without it!