Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kenya bound...

My bags are packed and off to the airport in a half hour en route to Kenya for a couple weeks of photography. Here's what I travel with (above).... 

Bag 1 (left) Carry-on is a Gura Kiboko bag with all the really expensive, fragile stuff (bodies, lenses, filters). Gura is the best bag for traveling with a ton of gear! I've got a 500/4, 300/2.8, 70-200/4, 24-70/2.8, 24TSE, 17-40/4, 1DS mark III and 5D mark II in there... amazing that it all fits! 

2) Personal item (second carry-on) has laptop, documents, point and shoot, etc.

3) Checked bag is a large MEC duffle bag (very little weight in the bag iteself) with tripods, heads, reflectors, chargers all padded with underwear, t-shirts, pants, etc!

Dust is always a problem for me on photo shoots and I expect it to be bad in the dry African savannah ecosystems. Dust is especially problematic for shooting video with tee 5D mark II.... it's a serious pain to remove dust spots from HD video! To save me the agony, I'm now using a product called Dust-Shield, which is an optical quality thin plastic film that seals the camera chamber and prevents dust from getting on the sensor. I just had my camera cleaned and put a fresh dust shield on... see next two photos. It works great and makes life so much easier! 

The next photo is the most important item I'll be traveling... Imodium! In foreign countries, you're exposed to a range of 'bugs' that will inevitably result in gastro-intestinal distress. Imodium has saved me on many trips, so I could keep photographing and spent less time in agony in third-world washrooms! 

Be sure to follow the blog and my facebook page over the next couple weeks to see the photos and hear the stories from the trip!


  1. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Bon Voyage Ethan, stay safe!!!!
    Trina L.

  2. Take wonderful photos! Have a safe trip:)

  3. Have a safe trip Ethan! Can't wait to see the photos.

  4. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Travel save Ethan. Be well.

  5. Have a great trip Ethan!!! Looking forward to following your posts and seeing your photos!!

  6. I love photos from that area of the world. Bring back some great images you can share. Best wishes on a safe and productive trip.

  7. I have friends from Kenya who say to be sure to get preventive Malaria treatments, bring TP and once you're there (presumably connecting in Nairobi) to stock up on bottled water.

    Keep the camera gear out of sight in when in the city - and have a GREAT trip!

    Charlie MacPherson

  8. Thanks for the comments! Halfway through the trip and no gastrointestinal problems.... have been sticking to beer or bottled water only!

  9. Ethan
    I have been thinking of you and where you might be and you are there!
    Thanks for sharing what you packed. As we plan our trek to Canada's capital by car and train, you are a model for us. Toys, medicine, clothes in that order. When will the presentation at the Visitor Centre be?
    just north of the Hopkins Point Alvar